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Article Review Your Internet Friends Are Real - 957 Words

Although In some cases I agree with the Wall Street Journal s article Your Internet Friends Are Real, I feel Kyle Chayka, the author, does not completely know what he is talking about.. In the article Internet friends are real too, Kyle Chayka stated multipley claims that I, as an individual whom has grown up with the internet, feel are not very well thought-out and are unaware of situations which make his claims untrue in a full sense. In Internet friends are real too, Chayka states â€Å"You don’t tend to find deep relationships online.† However, growing up I have had plenty of friends get into truly intimate relationships through online connections. Although the relationships were not face to face, does that mean they are not serious? A relationship is as serious as the individuals within it. The matter of communication has small effect upon the matter. If an individual is true and acts as themselves and not fake, and truly wants to be in relations with another individual for prosperity of each other s presence in their own lives then it is a â€Å"Deep† relationship. It is deep because the relationship is moved to the next level, as in, it’s a relationship that is not just for show. They have feelings for the other individual. Chayka claims if you look for online relationships that you can be easily Catfished (Catfish [noun]: â€Å"Someone who pretends to be someone they’re no t. generally through using social media to create false identities.† If you go around and seek anyone toShow MoreRelatedFacebook Ethics Paper1600 Words   |  7 PagesFacebook share information about the user over the Internet, where it can be freely accessed by anyone. This is where issues of privacy to the individual arise. As of July 2010 Facebook has more than 500 million active users, Users may create a personal profile, add other users as friends and exchange messages, including automatic notifications when they update their profile. As of December last year, Facebook called its 500 million users to review their privacy settings at the launch of its new userRead MoreAnnotated Bibliography1438 Words   |  6 PagesEffect of Social Media on Society and Individuals | Small Business - Retrieved March 15 2013 lt;;. This is an article which talks about how the social networking system, although looks really great is in the same way has a negative effect in the society. False sense of communication is one of the many problems social networking faces. Social media sites such as;Read MoreEssay Online Dating1497 Words   |  6 Pageshappened is that the technology started to be part of us that we cant live without. The Internet is one of the technologies which appeared in our lives, and now it is dominating our lives. The Internet is replacing many things in our lives : Email has replaced the postal services , E-shopping (e.g., ebay) is replacing regular shopping, and now you can arrange your dates and relationships on the Internet. Dating really changed in the few last years and meeting people online became not uncommonRead MoreCritical Analysis of Clive Thomas’s I’m So Totally, Digitally Close To You†826 Words   |  4 Pages I’m So Totally, Digitally Close to You: Reflection Social Media began affecting our communication and relationships as early as 1969 when the first internet service provider become available to U.S. universities. In 2002, Friendster, the first social media website available to the U.S. was created and gained over 3 million members in just over 3 months. One year later, MySpace launched. In 2004, Mark Zuckerberg, a 24-year-old Harvard student, created Facebook, an online social networking serviceRead MoreCyber Crimes on the Internet1117 Words   |  5 Pages In 1995 the world wide web, also called the Internet, was made, although the Internet may be found all the way back in 1958. The internet used to be the place the nerds hung out when it first started now everyone is on the internet. By the millennium the web became a world wide phenomenon. You may now order pizza from your computer talk to your girlfriend or boyfriend, and even play a game with a friend in another country. With this new technology also comes with it a whole newRead MoreThe Fascination Of Social Network1403 Words   |  6 PagesThe Fascination of Social Network Nowadays, people have their own cell phones, tablets personal computers. According to an article Social Media: The New News Source† written by Kristin Marino, social networking sites are a top news source for 27.8% of Americans, ranking below newspapers (28.8%) and above radio (18.8%) and print publications (6%) (Marino). Because of these kinds of information technology products, not only teenagers start using social networking sites, but also our previous generationRead MoreSocial Networking: Online vs Offline Identities1154 Words   |  5 Pagesthe world of the Internet. Social networking sites have become popular over the years, like twitter, which allows users to present themselves through their tweets using photos, hyperlinks, or hashtags. Boyd (2010) argued that social media platforms like Twitter encourages members to use their actual identities but it does not mean people are presenting themselves online the way they do in real life. A real-life persona is an identity that a person uses to present himself in the real world accordingRead MoreHow Can Earn Money Through An Affiliate Program?1210 Words   |  5 PagesEarn Money Through an Affiliate Program By Jason Smith | Submitted On June 14, 2016 Recommend Article Article Comments Print Article Share this article on Facebook Share this article on Twitter Share this article on Google+ Share this article on Linkedin Share this article on StumbleUpon Share this article on Delicious Share this article on Digg Share this article on Reddit Share this article on Pinterest Expert Author Jason Smith If you are looking for ways to earn an income online, thenRead MoreThe Effects On Relationships From Social Media1171 Words   |  5 PagesSocial Media Social media is incorporated in our everyday lives. It is used mostly to stay connected with friends, family and the media world in general, but sometimes, it is used in different ways in such it can have an effect on relationships. The issue about social media and relationships is that it can cause a lot of issues such as disloyalty, trust issues, etc. It is much easier to cheat on your partner nowadays as it is easy to simply erase all kinds of evidence social apps. An important conceptRead MoreA Brief Note On Social Media And Development1375 Words   |  6 Pagesbeen able to communicate more with their friends and family than ever before. Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and many others, allow people to stay in touch with their friends and family regardless where they are (as long as they have access to the internet). Before the late 20th century teens would communicate with one another by letters or talk with each other face to face. It may seem little odd and/or le ss common now days with the internet and all of the new technology, but how people

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The History Of Medieval Asia Minor ( Finkel ) - 920 Words

Ertuğrul, the father of Osman I, arrived in Asia Minor from Merv, located in modern day Turkmenistan, lead 400 horsemen to aid the Seljuks of Rum against the Byzantines. After the dissolution of the Turkish Seljuk Sultanate of Rum in the 14th century, Asia Minor was divided into a patchwork of independent, mostly Turkish states, the so-called Ghazi emirates. Leader of one of these emirates was Osman I. In 1299, under Osman, his emirate extended the frontiers of Turkish settlement toward the edge of the Byzantine Empire. How the early Ottomans came to dominate their neighbors unknown because there is little known about the history of Medieval Asia Minor (Finkel). The following century after Osman’s death in 1326, Ottoman rule began extending over the Eastern Mediterranean and into the Balkans. In 1326, just after Osman died, his son, Orhan succeeded him, captured the northwestern Anatolian city of Bursa and named it the new capital of the Ottoman state. The conquests of Orhan ended Byzantine control over northwestern Anatolia. The sultans that followed expanded into Europe via the Hellespont and into the Balkans. The Venetians lost the city of Thessaloniki to the Ottomans in 1387 and Serbian power in the region ended after the Ottoman victory at Kosovo in 1389. With the Balkans under their rule, the strategic conquest of Constantinople became a central objective for the Ottomans. The Turks succeeded in controlling nearly all prior Byzantine lands surrounding the city.

The Narrative Technique of Poe’s Horror Stories Free Essays

Angela L. Rhea Professor Mack ENGL-2327-XQ2 American Literature I February 28, 2013 The Narrative Technique of Poe’s Horror Stories Edgar Allan Poe writes â€Å"The Black Cat† (695) and â€Å"The Tell Tale Heart† (691) in a narrative voice. In writing the stories he uses the narrator to tell about what happened and the acts that were involved when he did what he did. We will write a custom essay sample on The Narrative Technique of Poe’s Horror Stories or any similar topic only for you Order Now When telling the stories in first person as Poe did, it is hard to determine the real from the false in this type of narrative, as it was with Poe too. He told his stories from the mind of a madman, per se. He tells both stories from the mind of a mentally ill person or from a diseased mind as in â€Å"The Tell-Tale Heart†. The disease had sharpened my senses, not destroyed, not dulled them. (The Tell Tale Hears, 692)He talks about his disease, referring to his alcoholism being a mental disease. He proves many times throughout the story that he is a mad man. He talks about killing the old man because his eye reminded him of a bird, just the craziness of the human psyche. Poe has a way of showing and defining the human psyche in a demonic fashion. And yet at the same time act like he is not mad and that is what any normal person would do if they are bothered by something or someone. And he shows realism in doing these acts because of how he shows the human emotion in â€Å"The Tell Tale Heart†: â€Å"Yet for some minutes longer, I refrained and kept still. But the beating grew louder, louder! I thought the hear must burst. (The Tell Tale Heart, 693) When he was describing the guilt he had after killing the man. He thought it was his heart beating when in fact; it was his own heart pounding and pounding. These events support the idea that he is mad and confirms the fact that we do not know the reliability of the story at all. Edgar Allan Poe chose to tell his stories the way he did so that he would give the impression that he was not trustworthy. This works towards his efforts and would not be the same if told in present tense. Knowing this helps with the message of the story the author is trying to get across as in â€Å"The Black Cat†, â€Å"For the most wild, yet most homely narrative, which I am about to pen, I neither expect nor solicit belief. (The Black Cat, 695) Here at the beginning of the story he leaves you wondering about the credibility of the details and curious if you can trust his story. Edgar Allan Poe wants us to experience the mystery and the climax and surprise that he presents in telling the story. He will start the story with what seems to be a hint of honesty. In â€Å"The Black Cat†, he tells you about his childhood, â€Å"From my infancy I was noted for the docility and humanity of my disposition. My tenderness of heart was even so conspicuous as to make me the jest of my companions. (695) Then he immediately tells you of his alcoholism in â€Å"The Tell Tale Heart†. Poe does not suggest that any of this would label him as a mad man. He is all to proud of himself on how he was able to come up with the plot in â€Å"The Tell Tale Heart† when he stated, â€Å"You should have see how wisely I proceeded with what caution, with what foresight, wit what dissimulation I went to work! † Poe uses the narration to build up the suspense of the stories and how his human nature was pushed to the limits with the old man’s eye and with the black cat and the return of the black cat. He builds up the suspense and then leaves you a bit feeling sorry for him and trying to understand why he did what he did. Then he goes on to act like he has no feeling whatsoever about the killings. The he is almost justified, I mean, wouldn’t you be if you were him? And then human again as he narrates the apparent guilt he felt over the acts as being the key that ultimately got him caught. His mind played tricks on him and he didn’t notice it. http://www. sparknotes. com/lit/poestories/section8. rhtml MLA Citation â€Å"The Narrative Technique Of Edgar Allan Poe†. Anti Essays. 28 Feb. 2013 How to cite The Narrative Technique of Poe’s Horror Stories, Essays

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International Development of Coca

Table of Contents History of Coca-Cola Coke’s Globalization Strategy Effects of Coke’s International Strategy Managing New Markets Conclusion References Coca-Cola Company was established by Doctor John Pemberton who was a pharmacist in Georgia Atlanta. The coca-cola formula was created in a brass kettle in his garden. The name coca cola was recommended by his book keeper, Frank Robinson. Therefore, this paper focuses on the history and international development of Coca Cola Company.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on International Development of Coca-Cola specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More History of Coca-Cola The coca-cola drink was first sold at Jacob’s pharmacy in 1886 with 9 servings per day. Coca-cola became America’s most popular drink by 1890’s due to Asa Candler’s aggressive marketing; he also reinvented the coca-cola formula. The drink was sold all over United St ates and later in Canada. Today, the coca-cola drink is sold in many countries across the world because the Company makes concentrate and sells it to licensed coca colas bottlers all over the world. These coca-cola bottlers create finished products in bottles and cans. The drink concentrate is mixed with water and sweetener and then distributed to retailers. The coca-cola has many cola drinks, which include the caffeine free coca-cola, diet coke, coca-cola cherry, coca-cola zero, and coca-cola vanilla. Coke’s Globalization Strategy According to Luthans Doh (2009), coke has spread globally and it is renowned worldwide. It has many customers in North America with 30% earnings, Latin America with 25% earnings, Europe and Middle East with 22% earnings, Asia with 17% earnings, and the least in Africa with % Earnings. Trade in many businesses has become global because of technology with improved communication channels and transportation. Many consumers have access to better prod ucts from many countries and this has led to coca-cola’s improvement in global marketing strategies. The coca-cola image is globally recognized, placing the company in the competitive edge. The company has a great symbol of value. Its bottling system allows countries to do business worldwide and also to maintain a business approach. To increase profits and sales, the Coca-Cola Company wants to change its image; for instance, the company aims at changing the shape of its bottles to cater for different markets. Another strategy for the growth of coke is to enlarge internationally where sales of soda are still growing, particularly in countries like China and Brazil. Also, the company considers the health concerns by introducing drinks with little or no sugar.Advertising Looking for essay on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Additionally, Punima (2000) concurs that coca-cola started a social marketing s trategy by managing social media communications for over 206 countries. This enables the employees and partners around the world to speak on behalf of coca-cola and they are able to review the social buzz comments about marketing of products and are able to respond. This helps them to put important information on their websites. Similarly, Coke’s main objective in globalization is maintaining the sustainable growth with commitments for long term goals. It has a wide plan of innovation with improved efficiency and effectiveness. The company has created several brands that focus on health and wellness of different countries with different cultures. Apart from soft drinks, Coke has new brands of juice, sports drinks, water, milk, and coffee, and each day the company is looking for new ways to create other beverages for better nourishment and enjoyment. Effects of Coke’s International Strategy Coca-cola has gained trust from different countries because of the sale of non- alcoholic drinks and still continues to foresee the consumer’s needs all over the world. Annual marketing budget has increased with the launching of new products and helping the retail customers to get the most out of sales. With products being available worldwide, human resource deliver unique services and low cost products thorough survey of staffing services, proper pricing strategies and effectiveness. Globalization has led to multicultural and multi-linguistic leaders all over the world. This means that the company has hired managers across the borders who manage workforce planning and deal with transnational teams, manage competencies with cross-national recruitment, select and train, and manage attitudes and behaviors of cross-national labor force with different cultures. Korey (2003) argues that competition from other countries that sell coca-cola affects product innovation, which does not have access to supply chain or other resources available. Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on International Development of Coca-Cola specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Larger companies are likely to be more innovative than smaller firms. Countries with business friendly environment and easy access to supplies promote innovation and hence, highly innovative countries are able to perform better than the less innovative. In this regard, Coca-Cola’s decision making involves different people in different places. There is a difference in developing a plan for a single country as compared to that of multiple countries. This affects the company’s decision making because it has to decide on the products and services that a company will sell, where and how to make those products and services, where and how it will sell them, how to acquire resources, and how to outperform the global competitive market. This helps to organize and ensure quality in their products. It is able to cope with c hange due to government’s policy, barriers and ban, political state of affairs as well as economic state. It is able to know internal and external environmental power and the opportunities available while identifying weaknesses and threats. Managing New Markets Waters (2000) affirms that Coca-Cola has been able to expand into new markets while protecting its core brands. It has come up with strategy formulation and implementation which has helped the company to assess its activities to ensure quality. Additionally, the company has to deal with change government policy and threats to maintain to new market segment. After entering the new market the company assesses the weaknesses and threats of the target market while trying to achieve strategic goals. It has used these strategies for entry into new markets: adaptation and conformity approach, low-price approach, security plan, product adaptation policy, and technical innovation plan. For marketers, culture is very difficult to understand because one may violate others’ cultural norms without their knowledge. People from dissimilar cultures may feel uncomfortable in the presence of one another. For example, people in countries like the US can walk half-naked while others in the Arab countries or Muslims culture cover their bodies and thus, the company surveys their marketing targets before entry. Advertising Looking for essay on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The company creates a good working environment by first understanding different people with different cultures. Working with diverse people with different talents and ideas helps in easy distribution of products to countries and communities with different ethnicities. The company has embraced multicultural world, both in the market place and workplace, which is critical to long term sustainability. They also do surveys with diversity programs where issues affecting those groups are solved. Cross-cultural market research is done in two ways: primary research – where a company conducts surveys, interviews and observations of the target group; and secondary research – the firm gets information gathered by someone else (Luthans Doh, 2009). The company understands economic interdependence with cross-border movements of services, goods, and technology. Economic globalization increases economic combination between countries which makes the world appear as one market. Coca- cola has distributed its goods and services all over the world and hence, economies that are developed are incorporated with the less developed through direct foreign investment and cutback of trade. However, Coca-cola is affected by political factors which are the limit to globalization. Countries with great nationalists and militarism hinder international trade. The coca-cola company understands and deals with many governments, currencies, political and legal systems, and multicultural societies. There are cases where the government and public health officials raised concern for carbonated drinks which they believed caused obesity. This affected the demand for these drinks, but the company later produced diet cokes which are not carbonated. In some countries, the governments claims that the coca-cola has led to water scarcity with pollution, but it has come up with water conservation programs, especially in countries like India where they have come up with devices for collecting rain water. Changes in government laws and regulations in the US about non-refillable containers have affected the company. The non refillable containers are highly tax compared to refillables and so the company has minimized the no of non refillable containers. Conclusion Coca-Cola Company has long become globally known and has greatly improved from selling a few servings of beverages in a pharmacy to international global markets. It has achieved its goals due to dedicated transnational workforce with the aim of attaining high quality products. The company is appreciated worldwide and this has led to its spread in over 200 countries. In addition Coke deals with changing social values in developing its marketing strategy, which has given it a competitive advantage. In essence, Coca-Cola has developed aspects that enable it to run a global enterprise which refreshes people worldwide. References Korey G. (2003). Multilateral Perspectives in international Marketing Dynamics. European Journal of Marketing, 20(7), 34-42. Luthans, R. M. Doh, J. P. (2009). International Management: Culture, Strategy, and Behavior (7th ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill. Punima, B. (2000). Cultural and Critique and the Global Corporation. Indiana: Indiana University Press. Waters, P. (2000) Coca-Cola: An illustrated History. Garden city, New York: Double Day Company. This essay on International Development of Coca-Cola was written and submitted by user Damarion Mcdowell to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. 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Water Pollution in Bangladesh Essay Example

Water Pollution in Bangladesh Essay Example Water Pollution in Bangladesh Paper Water Pollution in Bangladesh Paper Essay Topic: Water pollution Water is the most vital element among the natural resources, and is crucial for the survival of all living organisms. The environment, economic growth and development of Bangladesh are all highly influenced by water its regional and seasonal availability, and the quality of surface and groundwater. Spatial and seasonal availability of surface and groundwater is highly responsive to the monsoon climate and physiographic of the country. Availability also depends on upstream withdrawal for consumptive and nonconsecutive uses. In terms of quality, the surface water of the country is unprotected from untreated industrial effluents and municipal wastewater, runoff pollution from chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and Oil and lube spillage in the coastal area from the operation of sea and river ports. Bangladesh is the lower riparian of three major river systems, the Ganges- Pad, the Paramount-Jejuna and the Meghan. The aquatic environment for living organisms can be affected and fasciculation of harmful substances in the water-dependent food chain can occur. A variation of inland surface water quality is noticed due to seasonal variation of river flow, operation foundational units and use of agrochemicals. Overall, inland surface water quality in the monsoon season is within tolerable limit with respect to the standard set by the Department of Environment (DoE). Causes of Water Pollution The major causes of degradation of inland water quality are related to land based activities, when adequate regulatory measures are not incorporated and the stakeholders do not show proper concern. The underlying driving forces for this are poverty, an unhealthy national economy, lack of institutional strength, and lack of awareness and education. Pollutants that enter the marine and coastal environment originate on land in the form of runoff from municipal, industrial and agricultural wastes, and from commercial seafaring activities. Industrial effluent In Bangladesh, industrial units are mostly located along the banks of the rivers. There are obvious reasons for this such as provision of transportation for incoming raw materials and outgoing finished products. Unfortunately as a consequence, industrial units drain effluents directly into the rivers without any consideration of the environmental degradation. Region, which comprises bout 49 per cent of the total sector. Inorganic pollutants are mostly metallic salts, and basic and acidic compounds. These inorganic components undergo different chemical and biochemical interactions in the river system, and deteriorate water quality. The most problematic industries for the water sector are textiles, tanneries, pulp and paper mills, fertilizer, industrial chemical production and refineries. A complex mixture of hazardous chemicals, both organic and inorganic, is discharged into the water bodies from all these industries usually without treatment. The highest numbers of industrial establishments in the country are located in the North Central (NC) WATER POLLUTION AND SCARCITY Inland Surface Water Pollution The overall inland surface water quality in the monsoon season is within tolerable limits, with few exceptions, including the rivers Brigands, Ball, Statistical, Grappling, and Rupees. However, concerns over surface water quality are gradually emerging due to the dispersed locations of polluting industries, and the adverse effect on surrounding land and aquatic ecosystems, as well as subsequent impacts on the livelihood system of the local community. The extreme examples of this type of effect are near Dacha at Cinnabar and Saver, where industrial effluents are discharged into nearby land and water bodies without any treatment. Among the polluted areas, the Worst problems are in the River Brigands situated to the south of Dacha, where the most significant source of pollution appears to be from tanneries in the Hazarding area. In the dry season, the dissolved oxygen level becomes very low or non-existent and the river becomes toxic (WARP, AAA). Water quality data at TV0 stations of the river Brigands in 1 998, Hazarding and Chad night, showed that DO and BODY exceeded the tolerable limits in the months of January, February, March and December, with the worst situation prevailing in the months of January and February The seasonal variation of water quality in the Brigands is linked with seasonal variation of water flow and the operation of tanneries. Source: Department of Environment, 2000) Groundwater pollution Groundwater has different uses, but the standard for its quality was set nationally. Groundwater was treated as the best source of safe drinking water, before arsenic contamination was reported. However, 54 per cent of hand pumped tubeless were found to have fecal contamination, due to poor wellhead design, faulty construction and management, but the aquifers themselves were not polluted (Hogue, 1998). Source: SWAM Arsenic High levels of arsenic in groundwater can cause serious human health problems if imbibed for a long time (from 5 to 15 years); including skin ailments, damage to internal organs, skin and lung cancers, and eventual death. The recent major studies carried out on arsenic reveal that among 30,000 tubeless studied, 2,000 of them exceeded the national standard Of . 5 MGM/l for drinking purposes (the WHO guideline is 0. 01 MGM/l). The problem is acute in tubeless abstracting groundwater from 10 m to 1 00 m depths in the Southeast, South Central (the northern part only), and Southwest regions. To a lesser extent, the eastern part of the Northeast region, and the very southern fringe of the North Central and Northwest along the river Ganges are affected. The most seriously affected districts are Chandler, and those around it. It was estimated that more than 20 million people drink water exceeding the national standard for arsenic levels. The resent of arsenic is a naturally occurring phenomenon, but prolonged use of the water can be very harmful when the levels cross the standard limit. Contrary to earlier reports by the press, the available evidence strongly argues against the idea that arsenic contamination originates either from the use of synthetic chemicals, such as wood preservatives, or insecticides. Arsenic contamination has considerably serious implications for groundwater abstraction in affected areas. This impinges on domestic water supply, since groundwater is the preferred source, because compared to surface water it is sees likely to be focally polluted. Already thousands of cases of arsenic poisoning have been recorded among local people, and some deaths have been reported. Clinical studies are being carried Out by the Dacha Community Hospital. In agriculture, there are also serious implications from the possible transfer of arsenic into the food chain through crops that are under irrigation with arsenic-contaminated water, and then consumed by humans. There is little evidence of arsenic contamination in rice grains through irrigation with arsenic contaminated water. However, boiling rice in arsenic-affected water goes lead to its contamination, which causes serious problems. The crops most likely to absorb arsenic from irrigation are leafy vegetables, and possibly coconuts, and melons. These crops pass arsenic into the food chain. The effects of arsenic on pond-reared fishes are now under study. Livestock that drinks arsenic-contaminated water should also be under study, because humans consume these animals and their products. The infiltration Of arsenic-affected water in the soil also needs to be studied, along with possibility of infiltration into shallow aquifers. Source: WARP, Bibb CONCLUSION Water resources need to be managed both qualitatively and quantitatively due to their importance for economic development, and the physical and social environments. Particularly in Bangladesh, where water is intricately linked with the lives of people and economy, its value has increased with competing demand. Therefore, economic efficiency of water use is a major policy consideration. Frequent floods and droughts in Bangladesh impose tremendous variability, and make it difficult to manage development based on prices and the market mechanism. The Government of Bangladesh is acing a number Of growing problems, because it cannot address water sills_Jess in a comprehensive manner. Separate ministries and departments are in charge of pollution control, surface irrigation, groundwater irrigation, fisheries, public health, environment, municipal water supply, power and navigation, and each acting independently.

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Double-Acting and Single-Acting Baking Powder

Double-Acting and Single-Acting Baking Powder If youre like me, youre lucky to pay attention to a recipe enough to notice whether youre supposed to be using baking powder or baking soda. Both ingredients cause baked goods to rise, but they are not interchangeable. Also, there is more than one type of baking powder. You can find single-acting baking powder and double-acting baking powder. You may be wondering how they are different or whether you should use half as much double-acting baking powder as single-acting baking powder. What's the Difference? You use the exactly same amount of double-acting baking powder as you would single-acting baking powder. The difference between the two types of powder is their chemical composition and whether they produce the carbon dioxide gas bubbles that make your baked goods rise when the ingredients are mixed or when the product is heated in the oven. Both types of baking powder produce the same amount of gas, so they are equally effective as leavening agents. Single-acting baking powder reacts with a water-based ingredient to form bubbles as soon as the ingredients are mixed. If you wait too long to bake your food or mix it too long these bubbles will escape and your food will fall flat.Double-acting baking powder produces some bubbles when the ingredients are mixed, but most of the rising occurs once heat is applied. This product is more reliable for home baking because it is harder to overbeat the ingredients and the recipe is less susceptible to failure if you forgot to preheat your oven. Because it is practically failsafe, this is the type of baking powder most often found in stores. Youll encounter single-acting baking powder in commercial applications, plus this is the type of powder you would make if you prepare baking powder yourself.

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China Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

China - Essay Example As assumed by Westerners, the docile population of china follows the dictates of central authority failing that of traditions. Generic Chinese lack individualism with group identification being paramount. It has been found that the population of the middle kingdom has been gripped by fervor for modernization and that they take advantage of contemporary economic opportunities in identical ways. Indeed, most Chinese share the goal of harmony and uniformity and foster the image received in the west. However, intersecting this purported centeredness and homogeneity is an immense diversity of people and everyday’s practices that are not represented outside china. (Susan Debra Blum and Lionel M Jensen, 2002) China’s Population growth Issues In 1960s, there was a threat of mass starvation in China as a result of rapid population growth. This triggered government officials to establish the word’s most extensive and intrusive birth control and family planning methods with an aim of reducing fertility and creating one child families. These methods included provision of contraceptives, abortions and sterilization to married couples as well as incentives for couples pledging not to have more than one child. This program has lowered the population growth in China and encouraged economic growth.